Ad Council Litmus Email Marketing Template Builder Case Study


Code Perfect client Ad Council was recently featured in a case study by Litmus. The case study covers how Code Perfect helps Ad Council build bulletproof emails using Code Perfect’s email template builder.

Ad Council: “Code Perfect has been a lifesaver for our team, allowing us to be more nimble with our designs. It’s super easy to use and since it comes pre-tested across all email clients, we’re confident that it always looks great no matter which order we place our modules in. The monthly subscription fee gives us added peace of mind that the Code Perfect team is on top of the latest changes in Outlook, Gmail, iOS, and others, ensuring our modules are in line with best practices.”

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Ad Council is a non-profit public service communications company that produces, distributes, and promotes public service announcements and sends frequent emails to promote their programs and events.

To keep pace with their subscribers’ demand and the growing use of mobile devices, Ad Council needed responsive email templates without having to rely on assistance from developers.


Code Perfect worked with Ad Council to test and code on-brand email templates and modules for their team. Code Perfect allows email marketers to create error-free email templates in a fraction of the time by using pre-tested code modules in an easy-to-use interface. Those modules can be mixed and matched to create the perfect email template.

The modules are thoroughly tested by Code Perfect’s production team using Litmus. Litmus Builder gives the Code Perfect team the ability to render their code across a variety of email clients and devices to ensure they display well in all environments.

Once the modules and templates are designed, the Ad Council team simply clicks to add their modules within Code Perfect and adds in their images and text in their favorite ESP. This allows Ad Council to develop emails faster with less errors using a streamlined solution. This way the team at Ad Council has more time to focus on content, strategy and optimization rather than coding issues.

About Code Perfect

Code Perfect is an interactive library of custom email building blocks (HTML modules) that have been vigorously tested across email clients to produce Code Perfect email templates.

Our email experts work with clients to design their email templates (standard header and footers that will contain various code modules), develop and test code modules, and then onboard them into the system.

Users click modules to add to the easy to use interface that is populated with their email templates. Once built, the code is copied into their favorite ESP for bulletproof, unique emails in minutes. We then continue to test and maintain the Code Perfect library, so that when email clients or mobile devices change, Code Perfect emails remain bulletproof.

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