YOU KNOW Code Perfect Transforms Your Email Process, but how do you convince your team?

We bet your team is all about the numbers. Code Perfect transforms the email process, helping designers and marketers build higher quality, responsive emails faster. Convince your team by calculating your Code Perfect ROI, below.


Your entire team benefits from Code Perfect

Bill, Mary, and Sam found a lifeline in Code Perfect. Code Perfect is a responsive email template tool for code perfect emails in minutes. Marketers, designers, developers, and leadership rely on Code Perfect to reduce email design and build time, while improving email quality and performance.


Bill, Marketer

Are you like Bill, a stressed marketer managing 3-4 email sends at the same time? Tell your boss how Code Perfect lets you build and send more emails in less time:


Mary, Email Developer

Are you like Mary, a frustrated email developer troubleshooting never ending coding issues? Tell your boss how Code Perfect will save you hours troubleshooting and fixing code:


Sam, Digital Strategist

Are you like Sam, a digital strategist dealing with a challenging client? Tell your boss how Code Perfect ensures every email sent by your team is pixel perfect:

Want to streamline your email process with Code Perfect, but not sure how to convince your boss? We’re here to help! This page is full of Code Perfect success stories, use-cases, and statistics that highlight how Code Perfect will make your team more efficient.

Educate Your Team On Modular Design


What is modular design?

Similar to placing LEGO blocks into a pre-designed playset, modular design is when you assemble email templates using pre-coded “modular blocks.” Blocks are vigorously tested in advance to be swapped in and out of every code perfect template.


Why should you use it?

According to Litmus, emails can have over 15,000 different rendering combinations. Ensuring your emails are rendering correctly across 15,000 different environments is not possible without consistent, pre-tested code.


Who benefits with Code Perfect?

Code Perfect streamlines your entire email production process, from conception through deployment. If you’re responsible for planning, designing, coding, and executing emails, you’ll save time and boost quality with Code Perfect.


What if I’m just getting started?

Code Perfect is perfect for novice coders with little or no HTML or CSS skills. Marketers at any level can build emails in minutes with Code Perfect, not coding required.


Hear It For Yourself


The Ad Council

“To keep pace with their growing mobile audience, Ad Council needed mobile friendly emails, without relying on email developers.”


Homemakers Furniture

"Our experience with Whereoware has been nothing short of amazing!  Implementing Code Perfect into our email strategy has been a seamless transition."

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