Code Perfect Transforms Your Email Process

We bet your team is all about the numbers. Code Perfect transforms the email process, helping designers and marketers build higher quality, responsive emails faster.


Your entire team benefits from Code Perfect

Bill, Mary, and Sam found a lifeline in Code Perfect. Code Perfect is a responsive email template tool to build code perfect emails in minutes. Marketers, designers, developers, and leadership rely on Code Perfect to reduce email design and build time, while improving email quality and performance.


Bill, Marketer

Are you like Bill, a stressed marketer managing 3-4 email sends at the same time?


Mary, Email Developer

Are you like Mary, a frustrated email developer troubleshooting never ending coding issues?


Sam, Digital Strategist

Are you like Sam, a digital strategist dealing with a challenging client?

Hear It For Yourself


The Ad Council

“To keep pace with their growing mobile audience, Ad Council needed mobile friendly emails, without relying on email developers.”


Homemakers Furniture

"Our experience with Whereoware has been nothing short of amazing!  Implementing Code Perfect into our email strategy has been a seamless transition."

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